Online Searchers Rely More on Organic Search Results

As if SEO wasn’t hard enough to perfect, it is probably the most misunderstood business on the internet, or frankly, even in the real world. Most people haven’t the slightest clue what search engine optimization is, let alone how to do it.

The interesting thing is, I have met with more potential clients than I care to say who admitted to relying on “SEO For Dummies” to attempt a shot at page one rankings. It’s not their fault though. The image above tells the story.

One of my clients explained to me her knowledge of SEO, and that she knows from reading “the book” that you should try and rank for misspelled terms, as they are lower in competition.

If you’ve done any searches on Google lately, you know that Google corrects your spelling every single time. Sometimes even when they shouldn’t. So even if you are ranking for a misspelled word, who on earth (or on Google) is going to see it?

misspelled word in google search resultsHow many people are actually going to click on the “search instead for” recommendation? I can’t think of any reason why I would unless Google was having a bad day.

This is just one of the “tips” you will find in the book. If I were to write a book on SEO, I would have to edit it every few months for accuracy, because that is the only way it could truly give you the results you are looking for.

A study done by in 2014 shows that organic search results receive 46% of the traffic from people looking for information. Guess what channel barely made the list… that’s right, pay per click advertising. You know, those ads that pop up above the search results. Yep, people who are actually looking to spend rarely click on them.


If you are a paid advertiser, you may want to heavily reconsider where you spend those marketing dollars.

If you are convinced that search engine optimization is the road to more customers, you need a local seo company who can provide the best results.


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