How Can SEO Help My Business?

How does SEO help my business is one of the most frequently asked questions from business owners. Let us shed some light on the subject with numbers.

Let Us Tell You How Search Engine Optimization Can Help YOUR Business

In 2014, 2,095,100,000,000 Google searches were performed, with an average of 5,740,000,000 PER DAY! For me, as a business owner, that alone tells me how SEO will help my business.

If you are a business owner in today’s market, there is no argument that you must have an online presence.

Search engine optimization is the best way to attract more customers to your product or service.

More than 30% of online searches result in a page 1 clicks in the organic search listings.

Organic Traffic % By Position

Take a look at this screenshot:

92% of ALL traffic never leaves page 1
organic traffic statistics

So what does this study tell us? In a nutshell, it says that if your website is positioned in the #1 spot in the search engines, out of every 100 searches, approximately 33 will click on your listing.

The top 3 positions will attract more than 50% of all organic traffic.

The return on investment from SEO cannot be compared to any other form of advertising.

If you are familiar with paid ads, you understand how quickly your advertising budget can end up in the red. Proper SEO will result in FREE traffic from the search engines, and allows us to avoid the high costs of paid online advertising.

So What is SEO?

Millions of keywords are typed into the Google search engine every single day. Search engine optimization will ensure that your website is strategically placed at the top of Google, so you can grow your business the right way.

Local businesses can also have their website displayed in Google Maps, and with the number of searches performed on mobile devices, having your site listed is like stealing candy from a baby.

What is Local SEO?

Google only shows 3 listings in the maps section for any given keyword that they have determined to be a geographic keyword. Only Google can determine whether they will put maps listings up for any given keyword. But when they do, it is up to us to make sure that we get priority placement!

These are just a few of the reasons why SEO is so important for all businesses, whether local, regional, or national.

Every click to your website is a new lead for your business.

Unlike paid advertising, where the large corporations always win due to higher advertising budgets, search engine optimization makes it fair for the small to mid-size business to compete for the millions of daily searches that are being typed in online.

Is SEO a Short Term Solution?

Absolutely not.

Search engine optimization is an investment that will take your business to the next level long-term. It does take time to properly optimize for higher rankings, and with an expert SEO pro, you are in it to win it.

Trying to perform SEO on your own is not impossible, however, it is highly unlikely that you will produce the same (or even similar) results as a professional.

Watch out for firms that “guarantee” results within a certain time frame. There is no possible way that anyone would know this for every single service and keyword out there.

If you have already spoken with an Akron SEO company who guaranteed your results within a certain time-frame, cut your ties, and move on the next company.

Tips to Perform SEO On Your Own

  • Provide quality content for your visitors. You will gain more trust with Google, and more importantly, more trust with your potential customers.
  • Look at your website as if you were a visitor. Is it easy to navigate? Is your contact information prominently displayed? Does it explain exactly what services you offer?
  • Do you have social metrics on your site. Can a visitor like your Facebook page? Can they find somewhere to leave a review for your company?
  • Does your website have “trusted” backlinks from other websites? If it doesn’t you are surely bound to lose rankings, if you ever even get them.
  • Is your site mobile friendly? Every year, the number of mobile searches increase, and eventually, they will take over. If your site is not readable on a mobile device, your visitor will move on to the next listing.

If you are ready to increase your rankings, which will increase your traffic and increase your customer base, contact us today for a no obligation quote.


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