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Akron SEO is proud to offer hourly SEO coaching services. This service is provided in your own office setting (local Akron, OH and surrounding areas) or alternatively via web based conferencing. Use your hours however you like – one meeting or five, the choice is yours. Simply use our online scheduling portal and choose the day(s) that work best for you and your business.


Your time can be used for SEO training so that you can perform the work yourself, SEO performed by us (first hour is a full website analysis for this option), WordPress training, we could work with your current developer or SEO provider, or simply advise you on the best strategies to improve your search engine rankings.


Save by purchasing a 5 or 10 hour block and use those hours however you like, or you can simply buy our services by the hour as needed.


If you purchase more than a few hours, you can spread them out however you like. A couple per month, a couple per quarter, or whatever your needs require.


If you think that you need more than 10 hours of SEO consulting (you want to get to page one as soon as possible, time restraints, or you just prefer to work on your business rather than in your business), you may want to consider our SEO retainer service. Click here for a complementary website analysis.

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