How to Create a Facebook Business Page

While there are many technical parts to Local SEO that many business owners do not have time to learn, there are some basic components that should not be ignored. Creating a Facebook page for your business is one of them.

There are many reasons why, but the most important for the purposes of this post is that your potential customers want to know that you are real. Everyone uses social media, so being absent from that platform is not going help your brand.

Steps to Creating Your Facebook Page

man designing facebook1. Create a Facebook Account

You must have a personal Facebook account in order to set up a business page. It is free and easy to do.

2. Create a Page

Once logged in, look at the menu on the left at the bottom. You will see “Create”, and there is a link that says “Page”. Click on “Page”.

3. Select Business

You will see two options. One is for a business, and the other is for everything else. Most of you who are reading this would be setting your page up as a business.

Complete the required information and click next. If you are a business without an address, there is an option to check that you do not have an address.

Click Next.

4. Upload Logo and Cover Image

You will be promoted to upload your logo and cover. You can skip this and go back later if you do not have your images ready. A great tool to create profile images and covers is Canva.

Once you complete Step 4, you will be taken to your new page.

You will see a few prompts that Facebook is asking you to provide to better optimize your page for visitors.

Complete what you can and be sure to add a description that explains exactly what your business does.

5. Add Services

On the left, just below your logo, you will see “Services”. Click on services, and then click on “Add a Service”. You can add as many services as you have to offer. Be sure to complete each service in detail including an image to correspond.

6. Add a Button.

You will see this just under your cover image. Click “Add Button” and select which form of communication you want to use. You can use the call now feature, or you can send someone to your website using the “Learn More” option.

These are the basic steps to setting up a Facebook Business Page. If you would like to learn more about how we can optimize your social media profiles to increase your organic search engine rankings, you can learn more at


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