Discovery Form

Discovery Form

Our Search Engine Optimization is Not For Every Business.

We receive many calls from company owners who have requested our services. Many of them we have been able to help, but there is a specific set of criteria that needs to be present before we can proceed. We have a limited number of clients that we can work with at any given time, as we want to ensure that each individual client is getting the best SEO strategy possible.

With that said, we work with clients that have:

  1. An active business that is healthy. Our business is for those that are already up and running, but simply want to move their current rankings up to attract new business. We will not work with:
  • Get rich quick, or make money by tomorrow schemes
  • Gambling websites
  • Adult themed websites
  • Start ups
  1. A current website that already has a flow of customers and leads. This means that you have already promoted your business with other advertising methods such as paid online ads. You do not necessarily have to be a “household” name, but you are working towards being present in your market.
  1. A good service or product and a good reputation. When we work together, we will not only be bringing your massive traffic and sales, but we will be doing it in a way that creates massive attention to your market.

That’s all there is. The 3 requirements listed above are the main concerns that we have when taking on a new client. If your business meets the above requirements, and you would like to discuss your online marketing needs with us, we would be happy to set some time aside to go over that in detail with you. Our process is simple, first, you simply need to fill out the discover form below.No worries, it is very simple, and is just a way for us to get an idea of your marketing goals and so on. With this information, we are able to review your business and come up with a strategic marketing plan so you can increase your revenue based on tactics that are currently generating millions for our clients as we speak. Your initial call will be between 30-45 minutes.