Company Branding and SEO Go Hand In Hand

Search engine optimization could be thought of as an art, but I prefer to think of it as a form of science.

Just as in chemistry, certain formulas equate to a desired result. SEO, although not an exact form of science, is a science all the same.

However you choose to think of it, there is no doubt it is important for marketing your business.

what is company branding

The Difference Between Branding and SEO

The correlation of your company brand with search engine optimization is a strategic plan, and one that should be mapped out right out of the gate. Branding deals with your company in relation to business name, customer following, and authority, while SEO deals with the proper keyword strategies and placement of the chosen keywords. Formulating a scientific plant to incorporate both into your optimization tactics is a safe bet, rather than skipping one to focus on the other.

While there is no exact science to a safe optimization plan, there are guidelines that should be followed to gain the proper trust, and prove that you are an authority in your industry.

Branding is something that we begin the minute we establish a business. We have signs made, business cards printed, and begin to attract some attention. SEO on the other hand is a bit more strategic.

While there may be potential customers out there who are already familiar with your brand, they may not be the individuals requiring your services. In order to attract this type of traffic to your website, we use keywords and content to drive visitors to your pages. This is where it gets a bit tricky.

You can put your brand name (business name) just about anywhere with little chance of being penalized, but when you begin adding keywords to the mix, you are now on the search engines radar, and this should not be taken lightly.

The morale is this: there is no need for search engine optimization if your goal is to show up #1 for your company brand. Basic optimization will almost guarantee this result. SEO is used to show up #1 for your target keywords that will tell a visitor exactly what your ‘brand’ provides.


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