Akron SEO Will Dominate Your Online Competition

With every marketing strategy, there is something that we must be attentive to, and that is the return on your investment. Whether you are advertising on billboards, radio, mailers, email, or digital marketing services, at the end of day, if you are not seeing a ROI, it may be time to reevaluate your marketing strategy. […]

Many lawyers do not realize how many potential clients they are losing every month from the search engines. Did you know that more than 20% of people who need an attorney turn to the search engines first? In addition, the majority are now using their mobile devices to perform their searches. Why is this important? […]

If you are a dentist looking to increase your online exposure, chances are, you are familiar with Google Maps. If so, providing dentistry to a local market relies on your ability to be found in the maps. This area of the organic search results receives more clicks than any other part of the page, including […]

As if SEO wasn’t hard enough to perfect, it is probably the most misunderstood business on the internet, or frankly, even in the real world. Most people haven’t the slightest clue what search engine optimization is, let alone how to do it. The interesting thing is, I have met with more potential clients than I […]

I recently retained a client who was using a hosting account that was probably the most difficult host that I have ever come across.  I will share that hosting company with you in just a moment. What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Hosting Account There must be thousands of hosting companies on the […]

Why Should You Trust Us? We have worked with hundreds of businesses on their search engine optimization, and many times what we find is there is simply no optimization at all.  On the other hand, we have also come across various websites where the business owner has had SEO done, and it was not done […]

Don’t Have Your Business Pages Yet? Business Pages Such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are Essential Parts of Search Engine Optimization You can get yours today, and have your business pages up and running within 2 business days! Why Do I Need Social Media Business Pages? The search engines, especially Google, are […]

This video summarizes what type of professional you should hire to design your website. If you happen to be a programmer watching, please appreciate that we absolutely love you and your work, and without it, we could not do what we do! With that said, a web design company understands what a customer wants to […]

Getting your business listed in Google should be at the top of every business owners priority list. Every time a potential customer does a Google search for a product or service, they find themselves forced to look at the local business listings provided by Google. These listings are what we refer to as Google Maps. […]

One of the biggest questions in internet marketing is “what keywords do I rank for”? It seems simple, but the reality is, there are not many tools out there that will give you exactly what you are looking for. In just a minute, I am going to share with you how we check our keyword […]