About Akron SEO

Akron SEO was launched by someone who realized that the power of the search engines meant power for businesses and their advertising. Our goal is to help as many businesses as we can, that fit our morals, to get more business from online marketing.

We are an honest agency, and our mission is to make every client feel comfortable with us, so that we can do business in a professional and friendly manner.

We are selective with who we work with, and hope that every one of our clients is as passionate about growing their business as we are.

About the Founder – Melissa Ritter

Akrons best seo companyMelissa founded Akron SEO because she discovered that she had skills that not many people have, and those skills allow small to medium sized businesses get more traffic to their websites.

Melissa has been in online marketing since 2001, and throughout the years, she has been able to perfect her skills, and therefore decided to focus solely on local SEO consulting.

Because of this, Akron SEO was born. Melissa’s knowledge combined with her win-win attitude makes her the person that you want on your side when it comes to search engine optimization.

She is a member of the most prestigious SEO community on the internet which is home to the most sought-after SEO experts in the industry, and this allows her to work closely with her clients, yet still have the ability to keep up with the latest changes regarding SEO strategies and what Google is going to be up to next.

If you are looking for an honest agency that will get you results, you are at the right place.

Click here to find out if your business fits our criteria, and if so, go ahead and complete the discovery form. Otherwise, you can contact us by phone at (330) 510-4776.

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